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Everything started when Greg Di Palma and Quentin Compere met each others during the year 2009 in the Belgium south.

They discussed, they had fun, the partied and became friends. Next 3 years, each of them mixed alone until they decided, in 2012, to produce music together.

Several discussions, giggles and hard parties after, they became the « Drunky Birds » !

Few month later, they produced their first EP « Dipsomaniac » and « Drunk » signed in the german label « Plusquam Records » and, every month, a « Barfly Podcast » is available for every of their fans.

Right now, they make a lot of productions. They have signed on differents labels like "Twisted Plastic Records" who signed their track "Pow" as EP and as Album.

They also offer remix and bootleg edit of famous tracks since their Soundcloud and their website.

The sounds of Drunky Birds spreads worldwide.

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Let’s not forget that their story is still in its infancy and this really is just the very beginning of that will be a very eventful and successful journey. Get involved and jump on board with the Drunky Birds for a veritable fairytale.

The story continues ...

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